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From Thilo Krawietz <>
Subject Problem with Tomcat 4.1.29 and german umlaut url-encoding
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 08:39:53 GMT
Hi folks,

i actually face some strange phenomenon concerning tomcat and 
URL-encoding of german umlauts. As you may know,
some browsers encode german umlauts for usage in the URL with %xx 
sequences for proper transportation.

The problem i have now is, that i got a web application which allows the 
download of PDF-files, which may contain spaces and german umlauts.
If i request a file like that, for instance "Tür Testzwecke.pdf", this 
request comes to Tomcat as "F%FCr%20Testzwecke.pdf"

Tomcat then decodes the spaces (%20) correctly, but it does not decode 
the "%FC" and looks for a file "F%fcr Testzwecke.pdf", which of course 
does not exist and causes a 404 error.
Since the tomcat is a 4.1.29 out-of-the-box install with no 
customization, i am quite confused about this, since i would expect 
Tomcat to decode spaces and umlauts correctly.

Did anybody face this problem before or does somebody have a clue about 

thanks for your help in advance,


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