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From Rick Wong <>
Subject Configuring Tomcat 5 to not display null value as word null
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 23:54:10 GMT

I have the following JSP fragment:

case 1 = <%=request.getParameter("no_such_thing")%>
case 2 = ${requestScope["no_such_thing"]}

The output of the page is

case 1 = null
case 2 =

Is there any way that Tomcat can be configured to not display the word 
"null" if the value is null?  It is easy to replace the above example in 
case 1 by case 2, but in my case it is not easy to make such change to 
my existing code base (which I am migrating from another servlet engine 
that outputs null as "").  I have pages with the <input type=text> 
elements displaying the string "null" when there is no default value.


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