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From ohaya <>
Subject New idea - Enable Tomcat for SSL?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:47:01 GMT

With the problems that I've posted about, trying to run
Apache+Tomcat+mod_jk/jk2/proxy and not being able to retrieve the PKI
client certificate information in JSPs, I'm now wondering if the best
way to do this might be to just forget about Apache, and just run Tomcat
by itself.

I've seen some info that SEEMS to indicate that it's possible to
configure Tomcat as a standalone webserver+container that supports both
client and server SSL authentication, i.e., no Apache, no mod_xxx, etc.

Can anyone confirm that this is true?  Also, if this is true, does
anyone know if I'll then be able to access the client certificate
information from my JSPs?

If anyone can point to some detailed instructions or HOWTOs on
configuring Tomcat this way, I'd really appreciate it.  This would be
for the latest Tomcat (5.0.27?).

Even in production, traffic on the server for my project is going to be
very limited, so I'm thinking that this might be the easiest option, if
it can work, and if it allows me to access the info in client certs from


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