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From Hiroshi Iwatani <>
Subject Re: [OT] Re: Have you implemented a Java server faces site?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 07:22:02 GMT
Sorry for being late for replying.

Parts of our project which use JSF use only its safa and proven
features like value-binding and method-binding for components.

We don't think we need customize renderers, components, and/or
view technology for our simple and mundane app structure.

JSF is quite convenient for not-so-advanced project like ours.

V D wrote:
> Thank you for the reply.  I happened to read that article too.  I also 
> have the book the guy wrote.  I'll look into the rendering part using 
> XML.  It would be better if it's supported out of the box though.  
> Hopefully the next version will address this.  I did write a simple 
> struts app before, and JSP seems to be better architecturally, and 
> simpler to use though.  The problem I have with it is that you can not 
> programmatically display the view easily.  What I mean is that in the 
> JSP page, there is not much way to put your code there.  For example, 
> one of my requirement is that depending on a situation, 1 or more tables 
> must be shown.  You can see from the article that mixing tag lib and JSF 
> is prohibited in a loop.  Also, in a purist sense, data preparation for 
> the display should also stay in the JSP file, not the back bean.  This 
> means it has to support programming in there.  I can just create another 
> class/bean to do this, but it becomes so many files just do something, 
> and isn't JSP supposed to be the view part?  I think it's perfectly ok 
> to put any type of java programming in the view as long as that code 
> only is used for the view, not application logic.  Anyway, I will 
> investigate if I can some how satisfy all my requirements with this 
> technology.  I was very commited to JSF, until I read the first link you 
> sent me.  The fact that it's very recent (august 10) causes me unease 
> with this technology.  Since it seems that you did implemented a full 
> app successfully, if you don't mind, could you share your experience and 
> how did your project go?  Thanks.
> Hiroshi Iwatani wrote:
>> Oh yes. But ...
>> V D wrote:
>>> Thank you very much for the link.  I also did some work on JSF too, 
>>> and see its strength and weakness.  Unfortunately, the guy doing the 
>>> evaluation in the link below did not dig deep enough or use any GUI IDE 
>> See links linked from the theserverside page, that is, from the readers
>> responses. Especially, Geary's blog page. The orgiginator guy is rather
>> light and superficial one.
>>> such as the Java Creator or IBM's tool.  Some of his points are valid 
>>> though.  I see other problems myself.  One of them is the ability to 
>>> create customized view, component, or renderer.  They all involves 
>>> java objects (which is not easily changable), and very elaborate.  To 
>>> have a render, you have to have a tag file, a tag class, a 
>>> configuration, and the renderer class. Unbelievable!
>> Tags are only for JSP presentation. You could use a better presentation
>> technology if you want. See this article:
>> Personally, I feel JSF has saved my life in the Web development sea.
>> It's simple, easy to use, and more effective than Struts et al.
>>> Hiroshi Iwatani wrote:
>>>> Yes.
>>>> See
>>>> V D wrote:
>>>>> If so, what is your experience?  Is it mature enough for a serious 
>>>>> web programming?
>>>>> Thanks.
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