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From ohaya <>
Subject Building mod_jk2 and pointers to where to modify it...
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:22:59 GMT

I am not getting anywhere with a problem that I'm having with trying to
access/retrieve SSL client certificate information with
Apache+Tomcat+mod_jk2, so I'm thinking that my only avenue for resolving
this problem may be to build mod_jk2 binary myself, possibly modifying
the code to add some additional information (e.g., dumping out what it
is getting from Apache).  

I built this system from Binaries for Apache, Tomcat, and mod_jk2, and
I'm wondering how difficult is this going to be?  I have Visual
Studio/C++, and have some experience with C/C++ programming.

It would be very helpful if someone could point me to what module to
look at to add this additional debug info.  What I would like to do is
maybe have mod_jk2 dump the information that it receives from Apache
into a file so that I can see whether or not the SSL-related
attributes/headers are being sent by Apache.


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