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From Dennis Dai <>
Subject Re: Server JVM with service startup
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:49:17 GMT
On 8/17/2004 9:31 AM, Frank Zammetti wrote:

> Hello all.  I have a Tomcat 5.0.18 instance that runs as a Windows service.  
> I have been unable to figure out how to start it with the server JVM (heck, 
> it could be starting that way now, but I didn't do anything to tell it to do 
> so).  I've checked through numerous docs and books, all of them give some 
> info (just a little bit!) about using that JVM when starting it from the 
> command line, but I've found nothing addressing how to do so when it's a 
> service.  Anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks!

Either run '%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\tomcat5w.exe //ES//Tomcat5' and modify 
the java option there, or modify %JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib\i386\jvm.cfg and 
move '-server KNOWN' to the top. Note that the latter will apply to any 
java invocation, which may or may not be desired.

Dennis Dai

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