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From "Isen,Ciji" <>
Subject Re: Help Database Pooling in Linux
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 04:11:04 GMT
yup. what is the error message that you are getting?
Please paste/attach them. The ones that you get on screen as well as any 
that are getting logged in the log files.

Gig 'em

QM wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 01:04:38AM +0100, wrote:
>: I have checked that the database can be reached from the Linux server and 
>: it can, and I can connect to the database if I use a direct JSP database 
>: call. But the application will not establish a connection either to a local 
>: database or to a database hosted on another machine. I have tried pretty 
>: much everything I can think of and am now out of ideas so any 
>: ideas/pointers would be gratefully received. 
>Messages from the logs are helpful, especially stack traces.
>Also, what's in your server.xml / context.xml?
>-and how "direct" is the JSP call?  Do you specify the full JDBC URL, or
>a JNDI resource name?

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