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From "Robert F. Hall" <>
Subject Re: installing tomcat 4.1.27 on linux
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 22:21:24 GMT

Tomcat is written in Java and is OS independent, you don't need a linux 
specific install.
We have the same Tomcat install running on Solaris, Linux, and Windoze.


Stephen Charles Huey wrote:

>We're moving Tomcat over to a Linux box, and we're under pressure to get
>it done as quickly as possible and put it into production right away
>even though none of us knows Linux all that well beyond me using Solaris
>back in my school days!  So, I'm looking for Tomcat 4.1.27 for Linux,
>and I don't see that available here:
>However, in searching around, I found this, and I'm wondering if this is
>the right thing for me to be using:
>I've heard about RPM only in the last day or so when looking around for
>utilities for Linux.  I'll probably want the RPM version for Tomcat,
>right?  This page talks about RPM:
>But I'm wondering if it comes with Red Hat 8 (I can't tell yet--my boss
>is installing Red Hat across town and I'm just doing my homework so I'm
>ready to roll when he's done with all the things he has to do on his
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