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From Rajesh <>
Subject Please help me
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 12:08:49 GMT
This is Rajesh. I am working on webApplication project.The project
Environment is in
Struts1.1 Framework with jdk1.4.2_01,WebServer as Tomcat5 on O.S Linux
connecting back-end Mysql.

I am trouble shooting a problem.
    I have properly closed each and every connection whenever I
open a connection.So the db connection is properly maintained.And
the Session too is properly maintained.In struts1.1 struts-config.xml
just for connection pooling I've coded <data-source> tag like

        <data-source type="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource">

            <set-property property="driverClassName"

            <set-property property="url"
                          value="jdbc:mysql://ip address/contextname"/>

            <set-property property="username"

            <set-property property="password"

            <set-property property="removeAbandoned"

            <set-property property="removeAbandonedTimeout"



So for every 60 seconds the connection pool is checked to freeze-out the
unwanted Connection.

Every thing works fine on first day but on the consecutive day it troubles.

         On the next day  when I try to login to my site it is not
letting me login.

    I am sure there is no problem in my coding, because the whole day 
the site
is working perfectly well. Only for a period of time the db access is not

     So I want to know where the problem is.Whether it's in Database
Pooling or it is Tomcat related problems.

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