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From Rajesh <>
Subject Tomcat or DB Connection is not working please help
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 11:06:22 GMT
  Hi Technosavvians

This is Rajesh. Working on webApplication project.The project 
Environment is in
Struts1.1 Framework with jdk1.4.2_01,WebServer as Tomcat5 on O.S Linux 
connecting back-end Mysql.

Next thing is I've properly closed each connection whenever I've opened 
the connection.So the db connection is properly maintained.And

Session too also properly maintained.In struts1.1 struts-config.xml
just for connection pooling I've coded <data-source> tag like


<data-source type="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource">

<set-property property="driverClassName"

<set-property property="url"
value="jdbc:mysql://ip address/contextname"/>

<set-property property="username"

<set-property property="password"

<set-property property="removeAbandoned"

<set-property property="removeAbandonedTimeout"



So for every 60 seconds the connection pool is checked to freeze-out the 
unwanted Connection.

Every thing works fine on first day but on the consecutive day it troubles.

On the next day my LOGIN page can't be accessed and mainly my DB too 
can't be accessed.
So I want to know where will problem arise.Whether it's in Database 
Pooling or Tomcat related problems.

Tomcat Status

Following is the server status

pls anybody help me

Server Status

List Applications HTML Manager Help Manager Help Complete Server Status

Server Information
Tomcat Version JVM Version JVM Vendor OS Name OS Version OS Architecture
Apache Tomcat/5.0.25 1.4.2_02-b03 Sun Microsystems Inc. Linux 
2.4.20-020stab009.21.777-enterprise i386

Free memory: 42.25 MB Total memory: 63.31 MB Max memory: 63.31 MB

Max threads: 15 Min spare threads: 5 Max spare threads: 10 Current 
thread count: 5 Current thread busy: 1
Max processing time: 4 ms Processing time: 0 s Request count: 1 Error 
count: 0 Bytes received: 0.00 MB Bytes sent: 0.00 MB

Stage Time B Sent B Recv Client VHost Request
R ? ? ? ? ? ?
R ? ? ? ? ? ?

P: Parse and prepare request S: Service F: Finishing R: Ready K: Keepalive

Max threads: 200 Min spare threads: 4 Max spare threads: 50 Current 
thread count: 8 Current thread busy: 3

Please if any body faced the same problem pls update me regarding this 
issues.It's really painning & brainstorming.please help me to find out
a solution.

Thankx in Advance.

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