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From Martin Olsson <>
Subject Continous Axis deployment forces Tomcat OutOfMemoryException
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:40:46 GMT

I'm developing a web service on Axis, and as I progress I continuously 
deploy versions of my code to a remote Tomcat/Axis server. I do this 
directly from my Ant build script by using ftp,reload,axis-admin tasks etc.

So everyday I'm coding, deploying, testing, coding, deploying, testing 
and so it goes until around 14.00, just after lunch. Then Tomcat stops 
working, the build script fails and I cannot even surf to the 
hostname:8080 to see the intro page (let alone restart axis).

So what I do is that I login using ssh, execute " stop" and 
then " start" and this usually makes Tomcat work again.


My guess is that somewhere in the deployment process (I never undeploy 
anything) there is a memory leak or something that grows, and after X 
deployments I get this error. Could it be a Tomcat bug?

So, does anyone have similar problems -- or better yet, a solution?

Martin Olsson

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