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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: Tomcat4 won't start
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 11:43:32 GMT
Hi Matt,

I almost deleted your message, because today I was inundated by spam !

Not sure if you are starting Tomcat from the command prompt. I know that 
when you install on Win9x, you can get some funky errors. This is a hint 
from another site that I can't seem to get access to:

You may need to extend the environment space. Click on *Windows* Start 
button, then Run, then type sysedit. Add the following to the 

  shell=c:\*windows*\*command*.com /p /e:4096

Also checked out this URL:

Hope this helps !!


Matt Buffington wrote:

>Hello all.
>I am a new user of Tomcat4, running on a Windows 2000 server.  I am a
>Canto Cumulus user; Tomcat4 is used to publish my image database.  I
>have upgraded all my software recently (including Tomcat4), and after
>following ALL of the suggestions of Canto, I cannot get Tomcat4 to start
>(whether using the startup.bat file or manually starting through the
>Manager.  I get an error message that tells me Windows cannot start
>Tomcat4, and this may be a Windows error, and I should see the
>administrator.  I get no log files to check.
>I have installed the JRsdk 1.4.2_05, and verified that JAVA_HOME is set
>Has anyone encountered this type of error, and if so, what sort of
>solutions are needed?
>Thanks for any help,
>M.L. Buffington
>Dept. of Entomology
>UC Riverside, Riverside, CA
>92521 USA
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Pascal Chong

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