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From ohaya <>
Subject Re: Newbie - JDBC problem "Name is not bound in this context"
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:34:26 GMT

d_l wrote:
> On 9 Aug 2004 at 17:00, ohaya |Tomcat User List| wrote:
> > Now the thing that I'm wondering is where did those others come from.
> > At this point, it's clear that Tomcat must've created them (I'm 100%
> > sure I didn't create them), at some point.  I'm just not sure when or
> > why...
> Jim .. thanks for taking the time to check this out ..
> I'll try to track down when/how they are created .. as a learning
> experience .. probably something to do with "automatic application
> deployment" (that's my best guess).
> Look in Manager | Tomcat Server | Service (CATALINA) | Host
> (localhost) ..  the context references are defined therein (but in my
> case blank entries for the jsp-examples and servlets-examples).


I'm assuming you meant "Tomcat Administration", not "Tomcat Manager"

Ok, if I go to where you indicated, it shows all of the tree-type
display of Contexts:

Something labeled Logger for Host(localhost)

Are you saying that all of the above Contexts don't show up under


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