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From ohaya <>
Subject Re: Newbie - JDBC problem "Name is not bound in this context"
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:27:40 GMT

> There are 2 ways for the {tomcat}/conf/{...}.xml files to be created:
> 1/ META-INF/context.xml is extracted from a WAR file when it is deployed
>  and copied there.
>  (Unless the matching XML file already exists under conf/, in which case
>   the WAR file's context.xml is ignored)
> 2/ The file is manually copied there by someone.


I'll try the "experiment" that you suggested, but FYI, there are no .WAR
files in either the unzipped directories from just unzipping, or in any
subdirectories under my working [TOMCAT HOME].  If those extra .xml
files got created because of #1 above, would you expect to find some
files named .war?

Also, there are no directories named "META-INF" or files called

I'll post back in a bit after I've tried the bit with changing the
Engine name...


> The servlet-examples.xml and jsp-examples.xml files are included in the
> default Tomcat distro, and remain there unless explicitly removed.  For
> example, to address the issue mentioned in point #1, I periodically
> clear out the conf/{...}/*.xml files.
> Here's an experiment and learning exercise for you: edit server.xml,
> change the <Engine> element's "name" attr, then bounce Tomcat.  Notice
> under {tomcat}/conf/ there's a new dir that matches the <Engine> name.
> What files are under that directory, now?
> I realize this may be confusing at times because there's a lot to
> absorb when leaping into Tomcat (or any container, for that matter).
> Give it time, and soon you'll know all of this by heart. =)
> btw, if you use separate Tomcat instances (check the docs for
> CATALINA_HOME vs CATALINA_BASE) then this is moot: the only
> context-related XML files under {instance dir}/conf/ will be the ones
> for your webapps, not the samples. ;)  But that's another story for
> another day.
> -QM
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