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From Anastasios Angelidis <>
Subject Source Control Ideas.
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 14:36:07 GMT
Since this is a nice active list of plenty of developers and I have no 
other idea where I can post theses questions...

My questions are concerning source control in general

1- Is there any good books, articles, web sites tutorials...
2- May I pick the brains of a few of you guys...

Now here is my situation....

Lets say I have 2 "products"

Each product has it's own databases, executables, web applications etc...
Also these 2 products might share a database or two, maybe an executable 
or even a web application...


Product 1 has:
2 databases called: p1db1 and p1db2
1 executable called: p1exe1
2 web apps called: p1web1 and p1web2

Product 2 has:
1 database called: p2db1
1 web app called p2web1

Now all of a sudden I realise that product2 can also use p1web1 which in 
turn uses p1db2. So now I have to make slight changes to p1web1 and 
p1db2 to support product 2.
Now both products share p1web1 and p1db2.  Lets say a bug is found on 
p1web1. Analysis is done and the bug only affects product1...

How could source control be managed, structured when multiple products 
may share mutltiple "components"
Another issue also would be what if you are working on one "version" of 
a product, then halt work on that version to begin new work of the same 
product because of some business decision. Then come back to the halted 
version and continue working on it, mean while the other version has 
been deployed in production and requires it's own bug fixes / hot fixes 

Seems like alot to swallow.


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