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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: ajp over ssl
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 18:40:17 GMT
I'm not sure this can be done.  Admittedly I didn't look all that hard 
-- maybe someone who did development work on the connectors can anwer.

I can suggest what I did which is setup a tunnel (SSH tunnel in my case) 
between the two machines.  Then they (the servers) can talk all they 
want and it covers all services routed through the tunnel -- not just 
apache and tomcat.  Ipsec would work just as well I suspect.

Probably not what you wanted, but it's a suggestion still....


Michael Jürgens wrote:

> Ruth, Brice wrote:
>> Michael Jürgens wrote:
>>> Oh sorry I was a little bit tired in the morning.
>>> I want to connect the Apache securesd over an unsecure medium 
>>> (Internet)
>>> An my question ist how to connect AJP 1.3 over SSL (not ssh) with jk 
>>> or jk2.
>>> regards,
>>> Michael
>> Michael,
>> I believe you'll want to configure your Apache VirtualHost to serve 
>> your SSL requests, then use the mod_jk (or jk2) module to communicate 
>> with Tomcat. Is there any reason that your web-application (on 
>> Tomcat) needs to be aware of the SSL security? You can find 
>> documentation on securing Apache via SSL on the main Apache site 
>> ( And communicating betw. Apache and Tomcat via JK 
>> has abundant documentation as well.
>> Good luck!
> No I want to connect an apache webserver over internet to a tomcat
> server. So far I have no problem.
> My problem is, how to secure the connection between apache and tomcat.
> regards,
> Michael
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