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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: SunONE versus Tomcat performance
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 06:09:22 GMT
Jérôme Duval wrote:
> Why would you compare Apache and Tomcat vs. SunONE? Isn't there a lot of
> overhead in using the connector and all that? Seems to me a more logical
> test would be Tomcat vs SunONE and the most recent version of both, which
> Tomcat 4.1.30 is not. I smell bogus test results!

When I see 2-5 times, I smell bogus results. I know that SunONE is 
professional, I know that Tomcat is free and contributed, but it CANNOT 
be 2x-5x faster. Even if SunONE is written in assembler (which I doubt).

Even if they wrote it in C++, they still need Java classloader and other 
stuff. There just isn't that much room for code optimization. If they 
are stating that with high user load SunONE outperforms Tomcat, I'd say 
it's either misconfigured Tomcat or connector issues.


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