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From "Ruth, Brice" <>
Subject Re: horrible problems with TC4.1 under RedHat Advanced Server
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:07:53 GMT
Well, first off, it appears your problem is related to your JDK, not so 
much Tomcat - I'm sure you've assumed as much. Have you tried grabbing 
other JDKs? You seem to be using Sun's JDK (which happens to be running 
smoothly on two RedHat ES 2.1 systems I have, no modifications were 
necessary to install, either). BEA has a free (right? I think so ..) JDK 
called JRockit, which also runs smoothly on RedHat ES 2.1 (one server 
here with that). Then, of course, you can grab IBM's JDKs - they have 
all sorts of different flavors, but I know that on one RedHat ES 2.1 box 
hosted externally with Rackspace, IBM's JDK was installed by default ... 
so I imagine there's some history there.

Give a few different JDKs a whirl and see if your problems go away!!

Good luck.

Steve Summit wrote:

>I've got a big, complicated web application (too complicated to
>go into the details of here), and I'm having problems moving from
>Red Hat 9 to Red Hat Advanced Server / Enterprise Server.
>(The move is for support reasons.)
>Things were working basically okay under Red Hat 9.
>But under Advanced Server or Enterprise Server, I have these two
>1. Some pretty high percentage of the time, Tomcat fails to
>   start.  After invoking " start", I get the errors
>	Another exception has been detected while we were handling last error.
>	Dumping information about last error:
>	PC                = 0x00000000
>	SIGNAL            = 11
>	OFFSET            = 0xFFFFFFFF
>	LIBRARY NAME      = (N/A)
>   Simply retrying the command usually works, although sometimes
>   it takes three tries.
>2. Much more seriously, my web apps have been mysteriously hanging.
>   They don't tend to crash or burn or emit error messages, they
>   just... stop... responding.  In one case (that is, for one of
>   my applications) they seem to hang after acquiring and holding
>   certain database resources, which ends up meaning that other
>   applications running on other servers also accessing that
>   database also hang.
>   In some cases these hangs are accompanied by the messages
>	org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.ThreadPool logFull
>	SEVERE: All threads (75) are currently busy, waiting.
>	Increase maxThreads (75) or check the servlet status
>   I increased maxThreads (and maxProcessors, since the
>   documentation is inconsistent) to 200, but now I just get
>   "All threads (200) are currently busy, waiting".  Furthermore,
>   it's not clear whether this thread exhaustion is the primary
>   cause of my problems, or just one of the symptoms.
>I suspect that there's some pernicious incompatibility between
>this version of Tomcat, this version of j2sdk, and the C
>libraries in these releases of RedHat.  (When I built these
>machines, I think I had to manually install a C compatibility
>library to get Java to work at all.)
>There was a message to this list a month or so ago from
>Harald Henkel describing some similar-sounding problems, but
>it doesn't look like he got an answer.  He mentioned setting
>LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to 2.4.1, and I'm going to try this, but it
>sounded like that only slightly ameliorated, but didn't fix,
>his problem.
>Anybody got any ideas?  Has this sort of thing happened before?
>(Web searches haven't really turned up anything.)
>Is there something I'm missing?
>Here are the exact details of what I'm running:
>	Jakarta Tomcat 4.1.30
>	j2sdk 1.4.2_04
>Working system:
>	Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike)
>	kernel 2.4.20-8smp
>Troublesome systems:
>	Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 (Taroon)
>	kernel 2.4.21-4.ELsmp
>	Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 (Taroon Update 1)
>	kernel 2.4.21-9.ELsmp
>Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>					Steve Summit
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Brice Ruth, Sr. IT Analyst
Fiskars Brands Inc

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