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From Paul Harvey <>
Subject Weaver Release Announcement (XML Programmed Servlet Controller Component)
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:04:06 GMT
Weaver is a pure-Java, XML programmed Controller component for 
developing Model View Controller (MVC) structured, servlet based, Web 

Weaver exploits your existing knowledge of the JSP Expression Language 
(EL) and of JSTL via a consistent XML tag set.

The main features of Weaver include:

     * Programmed via a simple but powerful XML syntax whose elements 
are modeled after those provided by JSTL.
     * Support for an Expression Language (EL) syntax that is identical 
to that of JSP 2.0.
     * Easily extensible XML tag vocabulary.
     * Support for JSPs and for other View technologies.
     * Model functionality is easily added via the implementation of a 
simple Java interface.
     * Provision for multiple cooperating applications.
     * Transparent support for authentication.
     * Provides a management console to monitor and to configure running 
     * Runs in any suitable servlet container.
     * Automatic application reloading for rapid development.
     * It's Fast!

Weaver's home page may be found at:

Weaver may be downloaded from:

(Sorry if this posting is a little off topic - I think it may be of 
interest to those who read this forum).

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