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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: horrible problems with TC4.1 under RedHat Advanced Server
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 02:49:01 GMT
I think RHAS is running NPTL.

If you're using IBM's Java 1.4, 1.3.x or earlier and RH9, RHEL, RHAS , 
you need to set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5.
If you're using IBM's Java 1.4.1 or better on RH9, RHEL (not sure about 
RHAS), you don't need to set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL at all
If you're using IBM's Java 1.4.1 or better on Fedora Core 2, you 
definitely need to upgrade your kernel version to 2.6.6-1 or better. 
Though, if you're using the latest 2.6.6-1.435.2.3, you may get some 
strange problems if you're running on a Thinkpad, so use the earlier 
2.6.6-1.435 (if you can do without the security update).

I have not used Sun's Java on Red Hat systems, so I cannot say what will 

I have used Blackdown's 1.4.1, compiled with gcc 3.2 on FC2 and they 
work fine, even on the stock install kernel (though freezes can still 
happen). Although benchmarks (Volano Report) show Blackdown to be slower 
and possibly less scalable, I find that it performs on a wider range of 
Linux platforms.

I find the following procedure helps me to identify the problem:

After installing Java on your system, just execute "java -version". If 
you get a segmentation fault, you should try setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to 
2.2.5, then 2.4.1. 2.2.5 bypasses the NPTL. See which setting works for you.

If you don't get a segmentation fault, try running the SwingSet2 
application which should come with your Java distribution. On FC2's 
stock kernel, this can freeze your desktop so bad that you'll need to 
power down your system manually. Upgrade to the latest (or next to 
latest kernel) and you should be fine.

There may be other problems I'm not aware of. Please post them here. I'm 
especially interested in hearing from people using the Sun JVM.

pascal chong

Peter Lin wrote:

>this is most definitely an issue with glibc, since I've seen it in the
>past on my machine. I've had it happen with Sun jvm and IBM jvm for
>redhat in the past.
>your best bet is to search the redhat mailing list for solutions to the problem.
>On Sun, 01 Aug 2004 10:54:51 -0700, David Rees <> wrote:
>>Steve Summit wrote, On 8/1/2004 6:22 AM:
>>>I've got a big, complicated web application (too complicated to
>>>go into the details of here), and I'm having problems moving from
>>>Red Hat 9 to Red Hat Advanced Server / Enterprise Server.
>>>(The move is for support reasons.)
>> >
>>>I suspect that there's some pernicious incompatibility between
>>>this version of Tomcat, this version of j2sdk, and the C
>>>libraries in these releases of RedHat.  (When I built these
>>>machines, I think I had to manually install a C compatibility
>>>library to get Java to work at all.)
>>>There was a message to this list a month or so ago from
>>>Harald Henkel describing some similar-sounding problems, but
>>>it doesn't look like he got an answer.  He mentioned setting
>>>LD_ASSUME_KERNEL to 2.4.1, and I'm going to try this, but it
>>>sounded like that only slightly ameliorated, but didn't fix,
>>>his problem.
>>It's definitely some sort of JVM/OS issue, and not directly related to
>>Tomcat.  What glibc version are you running, are you running all errata
>>for the system (up2date)?  Also upgarde to the latest JDK, and finally,
>>if it is still not stable, try a LD_ASSUME_KERNEL setting of 2.2.5.
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Pascal Chong

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