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Subject problem displaying gif images through cgi script with tomcat
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:36:39 GMT

I'm fairly new to tomcat and my supervisor asked me to try and solve a
problem we are having with displaying gif images through a cgi script...

I've set up everything correctly so that cgi scripts run and have tested a
few simple scripts with no problem.

Our problem shows up when the script is supposed to display a gif image. I
have a script set up on an apache server that reads a gif image then
prints it under the content-header of image/gif. on the apache server, the
image prints with no problem, but when i move the script over to the
tomcat server, i get the "un-displayable-image" image.

my supervisor believes this may be a problem with the
org.apache.catalina.servlets.CGIServlet class inside
$CATALINA_BASE/server/lib/servlets-cgi.jar. i found the source of the
script online but everything in there is much higher java than i know
right now. We believe that the class is reading in the data as text and
not bytes, so it gets the gif content wrong and therefore cannot print it
out correctly.

I was wondering if any one here has had this problem, and how i can go
about fixing it.

thanks much!

Omid Khalili
San Diego Supercomputer Center

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