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From QM <>
Subject Re: website going down
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:47:41 GMT
On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 06:12:19PM -0500, Stephen Charles Huey wrote:
: In other words, as far as I can see, Tomcat must be trying to go to
: MySQL to pop up that basic authentication box, but the box never pops up
: because I suppose MySQL is hanging for some reason.  Generally all we
: have to do is restart Tomcat to get everything back to normal.  My
: question is, do you know of any reason why MySQL would be doing this?  

Timeout problems, perhaps?  Search the archives: this topic comes up
frequently, especially with MySQL.  There are params you can put in the
JDBC connection to specify a regular keepalive signal, a DB-level ping
to be sent from the app.

Barring that, you could write one yourself: mix threads with TimerTask
and a simple call via your DAOs or whatever.



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