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From Greg Ward <>
Subject Re: change mod_jk2.conf without restarting Apache
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2004 15:13:46 GMT
On 23 August 2004, Richard Dyson said:
>  I'm working on a web application (platform details - SuSE 8.2, Apache 2.0.50, mod_jk2
as the connector between Tomcat and Apache). 
>  My intention is to make changes to mod_jk2.conf (add/remove <LocationMatch> blocks),
and have Apache pick them up without my having to restart the server. Is it even possible
to do that?

Well, this is really an Apache question, not a Tomcat question.  And I'm
hardly a world-renowned Apache expert, just a bloke who's been using it
and reading its fine manual for many years.  So take the following with
a grain of salt.

Apache never magically re-reads config files.  You have to make it
re-read them.  The clean way to do this is with "apachectl graceful"
which, if I understand it correctly, instructs each child worker to
finish processing its current request and then terminate.  The parent
(controlling process) will re-read its config files (and reopen its log
files), and replace each worker in turn by new ones that have the new

See for details.


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