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Subject Mail Delivery (failure
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:15:09 GMT

Ce message a ete verifie par un filtre sur notre serveur de messagerie.
(This message was verified by the filtering system of our mail server.)

Le message original a ete remplace pour la raison suivante :
(Original message was replaced by this one by the following reason :)

*** A suspicious file (executable code) was found in the message !

Le message original contenait les attachements non autorises suivants :
(Original message had the following attached files :)

  **** (X-FILE ??? ) : message.scr
        TYPE         : audio/x-wav

  **** SUSPECT FILES : 1

Le message a ete envoye par :
(Original message was sent by)

  **** From : <>

Si vous constatez une anomalie, contactez notre administrateur.
(If you think this is an error and the message should not
be rejected by the filtering system, you may contact you
system administrator for instructions.)

Si vous souhaitez une assistance, contactez nous :
(If you have any questions, you can contact us :)


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