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From Robert Bateman <>
Subject Re: Help with JVMStat or JProbe
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 17:54:46 GMT
I'm having the same problem on Linux.  My "practice" TC instance is started as 
part of the system startup with user root and group root.  If I log in as 
root, I can't seem to locate the TC instance.  But a ps -aef | grep java 
reveals the task.

I feel foolish even asking, but I can't see where I've gone astray on this...


On Monday 16 August 2004 09:02 am, Dale, Matt wrote:
> This is probably because the user that owns the service is not the same
> user that you are logged in as when you start the perfagent. You need to
> change the user that runs the service to be the same as you log in as and
> all will work then.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: B Poisson []
> Sent: 16 August 2004 13:55
> To:
> Subject: Help with JVMStat or JProbe
> I'm running Tomcat 5.0.27 as a service on Windows 2000 Server sp4.  Neither
> JVMStat
> nor JProbe can analyze the JVM for Tomcat5, neither of them recognize the
> Tomcat5
> process as java-related.  If I run from catalina.bat, I can use either one
> just fine, but I
> suspect I am having problems with the service so I need to analyze that
> specifically.  Does
> anyone know how I can do this?
> Thanks!
> -b

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