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From Woodchuck <>
Subject regarding transactions
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 18:41:06 GMT

i don't know what is the root of my problem (tomcat connection pooling,
jdbc, database, ..)

this is my scenario:
 - container managed pooling (Tomcat 4.1.24)
 - jdbc (PreparedStatement objects)
 - wrapping my own transactions by autoCommit(false), and issuing
commit() manually

i'm running into a table-lock situation after DELETE statements.  i'm
using the same Connection object for multiple PreparedStatement
objects.  my plan is to call commit() at the end.  but when i reach a
PreparedStatement that is doing a DELETE, the code stops and does not
continue with the rest of the other PreparedStatement objects.

is this the nature of DELETE statements?  that we cannot continue
further without first committing it immediately?  or is this possible
and there is something else wrong?

how can i handle a 'custom transaction' that contains many INSERTS,
UPDATES, DELETE statements in random order?

thanks in advance!

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