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From QM <>
Subject Re: [OFF TOPIC] J2EE/Tomcat Build Process
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 13:27:10 GMT
On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 09:30:05AM +0100, Allistair Crossley wrote:
: When I do a build, I am thinking that all source must be checked in, then a Get Latest Version,
then run an Ant script to compile and generate a WAR for staging and production deployment.

-as in, the nightly integration build?  So far, so good.  At one client,
we had the build system send out a nastygram to the dev team if the
nightly build failed.  Sometimes the e-mails were followed by a morning
visit to the offender's desk.  That helped enforce the idea to only
check in what worked. ;)

: - should each developer have a locally installed TC rather than server based? 

You may as well, if you don't have a powerful enough shared dev server.
The upside to the shared environment is that it's easier to catch
"developer drift," when people start coloring outside the lines: several
people notice sudden spikes/drops in system resources and can find the

: I would be very interested in others' development/deploy processes with mult-developer Tomcat
environments to cross-check my ideas. 

I'll add a simple +1 to others' messages: you're on the right track. 

Put another way: what you're doing is pretty much standard practice in
(well-run ;) multi-dev shops, so if it's wrong, you're in good company.


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