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Subject classloader hangs
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 15:16:50 GMT
I am writing a class to be deployed with the Tomcat SOAP web app (I'll
call this class A).  It uses a URLClassloader to load classes from a
directory (i call them modules).  I initialize my class loader with

URLClassLoader initialLoader = new URLClassLoader(urls,

	   This worked fine for a while.  However, when I decided that
	   my class A needed to have a package statement (I wanted to
	   put it in a jar file along with some libraries for easy
	   distribution), I was very much dismayed when the class
	   loading did not work.  Yet the strange part is that it is not
	   the usual NoClassDefFound exception, instead the entire
	   program just seems to hang upon trying to load one of the
	   modules.  I am very dismayed as what was once working code is
	   now almost useless.  Chances are, I'm just making a stupid
	   mistake, however if anyone could please help me I would be


	   P.S. This works fine when I don't run it under Tomcat, that
	   was my reason for posting it here.

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