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From "Stephen Charles Huey" <>
Subject website going down
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:12:19 GMT
We had a problem where our website would hang because Tomcat couldn't
access the main database over DSN (on another machine), and it was a
problem with our vendor's ODBC driver, so we moved to the Linux version
(which was more stable).  We had created a Watchdog program that would
call a JSP with simple database access, and it would restart Tomcat
whenever the problem occurred (although that sometimes wasn't
sufficient--sometimes we would also have to go in and manually restart
the ODBC driver).  Anyway, our problems have lightened considerably, and
consequently our watchdog program doesn't have to do much, although from
once in a while it does restart Tomcat for us.  

However, we are now seeing a new problem.  The watchdog program will
keep going along as if there's no problem, and yet the website will be
hanging!  Because there was a problem in the early days of development
with using the main database for the basic authentication used to enter
our website, we set up a MySQL database on the same machine as Tomcat
and have it access that small database locally by telling it to use
JDBCRealm in our server.xml file.  The watchdog program doesn't access a
secure JSP, so it doesn't really have to log in.  

In other words, as far as I can see, Tomcat must be trying to go to
MySQL to pop up that basic authentication box, but the box never pops up
because I suppose MySQL is hanging for some reason.  Generally all we
have to do is restart Tomcat to get everything back to normal.  My
question is, do you know of any reason why MySQL would be doing this?  


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