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From Michael Echerer <>
Subject Using a META-INF\context.xml doesn't work as expected with Manager app .war upload
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 15:59:13 GMT


I use Tomcat 5.0.19.

I'm playing around with the Manager web application and want to deploy a .WAR
file that contains a META-INF\context.xml deployment descriptor.

Deploying the .WAR file using the upload feature works, and the context.xml that
I put into the META-INF\ is copied (but renamed?! to utility.xml) to
conf\Catalina\localhost as expected.

The problem is that I provide this context.xml:

<Context path="/utility" docBase="tests/utility" debug="0"/>

So I would suggest that the .WAR file is uploaded and unpacked to
webapps/tests/utility. But it is not! It's straightforward unpacked to
Finally the docBase in utility.xml (alias context.xml) doesn't match the real
location. :-( Thus the context is not accessible.

Is this the expected result?
Is it only possible to deploy a context directly to webapps when using the
manager application and the META-INF\context.xml? - Or am I missing something.

Hope you can help!


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