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From Dmitry Koval <>
Subject refering to default content handler
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 13:44:32 GMT

In my configuration I have a servlet that is default handler for all my
It declared in web.xml as follows:


In this case my controller is responsible for all the requests.
The problem appears when client need to load an image. I have to read a
file and send it to client in my servlet.
And that way with all static data. I have to find what the file type is,
find appropriate mime mapping then read it and so on.
I actually don't like this approach because I think delegating this task
to default tomcat handler makes more sense.

May I write something like this in addition to my config? :

So I'd like have everything handled by my controller except /images
handled by default tomcat handler.

Or maybe there's some other elegant solution?

Please cc to me, cause I'm not subscribed to a list.
Thanks for attention.

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