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From Wendy Smoak <>
Subject Re: Tomcat will not run JSPs
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 23:47:24 GMT
From: "Nelson, Jerry W
> What's the syntax??  JAVA_HOME is nowhere to be found in System Vaiables.

You have to add it if you want it to be there.  Go back to your installation
instructions for the JDK, it should explain everything you need to set up.
Until you've got the JDK properly installed, Tomcat doesn't have a chance of
working right.  Are you able to compile and run 'HelloWorld' from the
command line?

To answer your question, (assuming you're on Windows,) it will be something

U:\>echo %JAVA_HOME%

You can set it from the command line as well, just:

U:\>set JAVA_HOME=c:\whereever\the\jdk\lives

That will go away when you close the command window.  You could probably
also set it in the batch file that starts Tomcat, but other things that use
Java will be looking for JAVA_HOME, might as well set it once and forget it.

Wendy Smoak

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