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From "David Voets" <>
Subject tomcat-users.xml gets erased
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 07:00:15 GMT
We are running a tomcat webapp which allows the remote administration of a
Solaris machine via a http interface.
Access control is managed using the default MemoryRealm implementation
(using tomcat-users.xml to store users and roles).
The webapp allows changing various settings on the machine (including
editing and saving of the tomcat-users.xml file)
We're having the following problem:

>From time to time our tomcat-users.xml file is erased (it is replaced by a
file only containing the following:

So far we have not been able to reproduce this behaviour (it has happened
both after a tomcat restart and while running normally).

I have a feeling this has to do with the behaviour of the
org.apache.catalina.users.MemoryUserDatabase class.
In our code, when a user logs in, we access this class to retrieve the user
roles assigned to this particular user, like so:

MemoryUserDatabase userDatabase = new MemoryUserDatabase();;
User user = userDatabase.findUser(USER_ID);

If login is successful, the user object is stored in the user's session
context. For access control, a user's roles are retrieved using:

Iterator iter = user.getRoles();
while (iter.hasNext()) {
    Role aRole = (Role);
    if (aRole.getName().equals(REQUIRED_ROLE_FOR_ACCESS)) {
    return true;//allow access

What could be the cause of this problem? I have seen a similar post
) before, but I have not found an answer so far.

The system that we are using:
Tomcat 5(.0.27) with Struts 1.1 on a Solaris 9 Ultrasparc III machine - JVM
Sun 1.4.2_04

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