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From "Robert Hunt" <>
Subject WebDAV using Tomcat 5 and Dreamweaver 7.0.1
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 04:51:14 GMT
I'm having problems with using Dreamweaver to access a Tomcat WebDAV
environment.  The web.xml file uses <security-constraint> and a
<login-config> (DIGEST) to produce the authentication challenge (sc 401).
Every time, DW continues to receive a 401 status.

I rolled my own digest authentication (according to RFC2069 & 2617) and
found that DW returns an authorization header that does NOT contain spaces
between the parameters, where NS (7) and IE(6) do.  Accounting for this, my
webdav servlet (extension of Catalina's

) can match DW's digest response and not trip a 401.

Dreamweaver response:

Netscape response:
header=authorization=Digest username="userX", realm="/webdav1",
nonce="669d20f8bf4fe0af6433bc8c2c295581", uri="/webdav1/",
response="c44573ae2284658d1de62f2d5154acc0", qop=auth, nc=00000001,

A quick look at the RFC's and I can't find whether param-comma-space-param
is required or param-comma-param, but it's late and RFCs are notorious for
giving one heavy eyelids.  Can anyone tell me which is correct?  (So I can
go submit a bug?)

Not this should be such a picky issue; whitespace between the parameters
(from none to lots) should not be what trips up the authentication.

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