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From "Scott D. Anderson" <>
Subject Fresh install of 5.0.25 running but not responding
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 19:45:26 GMT
I just installed tomcat 5.0.25 on my RedHat 9 server.  I followed the
instructions in

which is linked from the Jakarta home page.  I got smoothly (no error
messages during installation or startup) to the step that says 
"test that tomcat is working by starting it and typing 
http://localhost:8080 into your browser.  When
I did that, I didn't get a response.  That is, the browser said
"waiting for localhost" but I never got a reply.  I also tried the real
name of the server, both locally and from another machine.

I thought it might be a firewall thing, but the firewall is turned off
on my server.  I used nmap and it says that port 8080 is open for
http/proxy.  To make sure it was Tomcat and not my web browser,
I used telnet:  When I telnet to port 80 and say "GET /index.html"; I get
the desired page back from Apache, but if I telnet to port 8080 
and say the same thing, I get no response.  (I have to use the escape
character to exit telnet.)

I checked the logs, but I don't see any error messages there, either
in ~tomcat/logs or in /var/log/messages.  I used "ps" to find the
process, and there is indeed a java process running as expected:

tomcat   30722     1  0 10:34 pts/1    00:00:23 /usr/java/sdk/bin/java

I'm running out of ideas.  I googled for info and also searched 
one of the mailing list archives, but since there's no
error message to search for, I'm coming up empty.  Can anyone
suggest any more tests I can run to narrow this down?

Thanks very much,


Scott D. Anderson
Computer Science Department
Wellesley College


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