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From "Ariel Valentin" <>
Subject RE: Why does nobody never answer my question ??
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2004 15:43:31 GMT

I believe your first question was about tranfering sessions from one box to 
another. As far as I know that is a limitation of the JVM because they 
cannot "share" objects unless you use RMI or serialization, therefore 
different containers cannot implicitly share sessions (or any objects). Of 
course if I am incorrect someone please speak up.

Possible Solutions:
A. Serialize the session data in a database, a file (like xml), or hidden 
form elements and then have the SSL webapp deserialize that info.
Advantage(s): You will learn a heck of a lot about distributed computing and 
What happens when your SSL or Non-SSL server goes down, will you be able to 
serve this content?
Do you really want to write all of this code when someone already has?
Maintenace nightmare: What happens when you have to update one server? You 
website will be down for the entire time you are working on it.

B. Use a clustered environment: Avoid dedicating one server for SSL and the 
other for Non-SSL. Set up a load balancer that will provide sticky or 
replication session functionality. Set up your tomcat servers as workers and 
keep the same content and functionalilty on both, your customers (and 
developers) will not know the difference.
Advantages: Saves you time and it will be easier to maintain your website.
If one server goes down (gracefully or not) it is ok, your second server 
works exactly the same as the other!
Disadvantages: I am not sure that any exist for your type of project.

Here is how to do it wil TC 5+

To answer your second question, patience and time are important here. If you 
don't get a reply after a few days it usually means that there is a lot of 
information on the web already about the issues. If after searching you 
can't find anything at all, just re-post the questions.

Hope that helps,

Mr. Ariel S. Valentin

>From: "Olivier" <>
>Reply-To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
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>Subject: Why does nobody never answer my question ??
>Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:53:51 -0400
>Don't you like me ????

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