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From Alex <>
Subject isapi jk2 adapter
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:19:46 GMT

made a post a few days ago which never received a reply.  part of me
honestly believes that someone out there, or developers, at one point in
time, have played with virtual hosts.  but then again, maybe not.  could
be fresh new territory.  i like surprises.

[ environment ]

2 x windows 2000 with IIS5.0 installed which sit under load balancers.
2 x redhat enterprise server 3.0 with tomcat 5.0.25

[ problem ]

Between the iis layer and the tomcat layer, we use the isapi jk2
connector.  All properties for the isapi dll are stored in the registry.
It looks for specific keys.  Which is fine.  The problem now, is that we
can only define one file against the dll.

Now, in the file you can define a uri, but you can not
define a url.  So what happens if you have multiple virtual hosts hitting
the iis boxes?  the dll has no concept of what a virtual host is, and we
can't alter the properties to help it have a concept of a virtual
host...only a uri.

So, for now I have to have the following:

which would both hit the same context on the tomcat machines.  but what if
the two are different?

this will work because i'm mapping different uri's, but then, if you go to, that would now hit somedomain.

I don't want to start hacking the isapi dll so that it can look for
different registry keys, and have different properties files associated
with it.

Is there a better way?  Anyone?

Much appreciated.

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