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From "Pooleery, Manoj" <>
Subject Tomcat - Win2k service - GC output
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 15:14:05 GMT

I have set up Tomcat 4.1.27 as a service on a Win2k machine using the
following script -

tomcat -install "Apache Tomcat" "%JAVA_HOME%\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll"
-verbose:gc -Djava.class.path="%CATALINA_HOME%\bin\bootstrap.jar"
-Djava.endorsed.dir="%CATALINA_HOME%\common\endorsed" -Dcatalina.home="%CATALINA_HOME%" -start
org.apache.catalina.startup.BootstrapService -params start -stop
org.apache.catalina.startup.BootstrapService -params stop -out

I wanted to see the GC ouput, so, I added the -verbose:gc flag.  When I see
the registry, I can see this has gone in as a JVM option.  But in the log
file, I cannot see any GC output at all.  When I try the -verbose:gc in the
console mode(putting it in the catalina.bat file), I can see the GC output
on the console.  Am I doing it correctly?  If not, what am I doing wrong?

-Manoj Pooleery.

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