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From Jonathan Oddy <>
Subject RE: JasperException in custom tag processing
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:20:32 GMT
On 28 July 2004 18:44 I said:
> I don't understand why tomcat/jasper has decide to call 
> getValueFromPropertyEditorManager for properties "second" 
> and "targetDate" and not simply passed in the strings 
> that have been set up (as it did in the setFirst call).

I tracked this down; it would appear that the JSP pre-processor Tomcat uses
doesn't cope with beans being used as tags where the bean has setters with
parameter overloading.  In my case I had setSecond(Date) and
setSecond(String) methods within my tag implementation.  Whereas JRun could
cope with this Tomact couldn't and seemed to arbitrarily choose the wrong
method to construct in its Java representation of my JSP.

I still don't know why tomcat coped with setFirst as it is also


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