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From Sasha Borodin <>
Subject Proxy settings for Tomcat's JVM
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 16:05:49 GMT
Can anyone tell me the best place (from a maintenance perspective) to set
http/ftp/etc proxy settings for the JVM in which tomcat runs?

I'm talking about the settings that impact operation (not
the proxy settings found in server.xml).

I know I can make a context listener that does something like this to get
things set up:
System.getProperties().put( "ftpProxySet", "true" );
System.getProperties().put( "ftpProxyHost", "myProxyMachineName" );
System.getProperties().put( "ftpProxyPort", "85" );

But this should be a deployment configuration; as far as I know, there's two
ways to do it:
A) either as a parameter to the JVM
B) or in a jvm config file (

Has anyone had any luck with option B? I haven't...

If you were to use option a, where would you store the arguments to the jvm?

Thank you,

-Sasha Borodin

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