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From "Tim Waldner" <>
Subject Problem with mod_jk2 modifying the port numbers of original URL
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 17:00:19 GMT
Apache 2.0.50/mod_jk2 2.0.4/Linux/Tomcat5


in this deployment scenario a request is coming in on standard port 80, is 
forwarded to Apache listening on port 8000 and then forwarded to Tomcat 
through mod_jk2.

Everything worked well until Apache port was changed from 80 to 8000. 
Suddenly Tomcat started to see URLs with port number 8000 added, though the 
original request was still addressed to the same externally visible standard 
port. Finally we found that mod_jk2 is rewriting the URL to include the 
Apache port number 8000.

Normally I would expect the URL to remain as seen in the browser, regardless 
through which ports and proxy servers it passes before it arrives at the 
destinaion. We could not find a way to control this behavior through the, do we actually have to tweak the mod_jk2 source code?

Is this the intended behavior? The problem I'm stuck here is that the 
applciation can no longer determine the URL sent by the browser.

Any help greatly appreciated,

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