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From "Laurence Arabia" <>
Subject RE: I've officially decided that JSTL is one of the worst things to ever happen
Date Sun, 04 Jul 2004 11:46:53 GMT
> > After getting convinced to try JSTL, I learned the following things:
>Having read points 1-6, I thought, there must be a truth in your remarks.
>(I did'nt use JSTL or EL yet, but I am about to try.)
>But then I got to:
> > Why was C++ invented?  To give programmers jobs.  No other reason
>whatsoever, C does whatever C++ does just as good, and better.
>At that point, you just showed to be very closed-minded.
>(C++ does have an accurate object model, which improves a lot. Yes, you can
>do similar things with macros, but cumbersomely. From your point of view, 
>ahead and programm assembly code. Believe me, it dies whatever C does just
>as good, and better.)

I am inclined to agree but not for the same blanket reasons. I have worked 
on 2 very large C++ projects 30+ developers. And I did with another company 
the same thing with C and Java with 7 people in 1/4 the time. I have never 
touched C++ since. Why if you realise you made a design booboo (As I am sure 
I am not the only one)and it has to be changed ripping C++ apart is a more 
difficult than Java.  I know you can say thats down to good OO design but 
really in todays practical terms OO design is low on the priority of getting 
a product out the door. I have changed my doctrine to using small C files 
(less than 1000line) as drivers and then do all the business modelling in 
Java. A system becomes monolithic very quickly unless you are prepared to 
rip it apart and put it back together even before tomorrows deadline. Thats 
why I cannot see myself using C++ again because its too hard keep 
dependencies segregated and the number of layers while trying to do so 
increases. And developers becomes scared of changing anything.

Do you think my argumenr is fundamentally flawed?

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