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From Koon Yue Lam <>
Subject Tomcat 5 Context problem
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 03:11:58 GMT
Hi, it really not a problem because I got everything work. I just
curious WHY it will work ... ^^

I am using Esclipse 3.0 + Lomboz 3.0RC2 and I develop a webapp,
details as follow:

WebApp name: FirstWebApp
Servlet name and class : FirstServlet, FirstServlet.class (package-less)
web.xml: has a servlet mapping element of "/FirstServlet"

after I depoly the webapp to Tomcat using Lomboz, I can access the
servlet at http://localhost:8080/FirstWebApp/FirstServlet

However I know Tomcat need a <Context> element in order to find the
path of a webapp, and I can't find this <Context> element of
FirstWebApp throughout Tomcat. Not in server.xml, not in
conf/engine/host, not in /webapp/FirstWebApp/WEB-INF/web.xml

Tomcat just depoly it automatically and it is great, do this mean i
don't need to care about the <Context> element? If i do care, where
should I put this <Context> element?

new in here, greeting to everybody, hope someone can help me out

Regards ^^

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