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From Darshan Rawal <>
Subject Request for Input for a Design/Architecture Decision
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 20:55:57 GMT
We implement a Messaging PLatform for Voice Applications.
Our current platform has 2 Major Components as shown below:-

Media Server <--- MML/TCP-IP ---> Application Server.

We want to move to a new architecture for our Application Server where
the interaction between App Server and Media Server is as shown
below(i.e. based on VXML over HTTP)

Media Server <--- VXML/HTTP ---> Application Server.

To achieve this goal we need to implement an "VXML Document Server",
which will generate VXML
(Voice XML) pages based on the business logic & Data access layers
within the Application server.

We have 2 options to implement the VXML document Server:-

1) USing the J2EE presentation tier(i.e. JSP & Servlets)
2) Writing our own VXML generation module in C++ based(probably based
on the JAVA Servlet paradigm).

Our Factors while deciding between the 2 would be as follows:-

1) Performance(This is the key for us, we ezpecially need to know
exactly how slow JAVA is as Compared to C++)
2) Integration with our Business logic & Data Access Layers.(All our
business logic & data access is written in C/C++. Hence if we chose
JAVA, then we might have to use JNI or make use of TCP/IP to
communicate with our different Processes written in C/C++)
3) Ease of Future Change(We want to develop new Application Features
Quickly & fast).
4) Fast & better Development environment.

I am a proponent of the use of Tomcat Servlet Container and hence the
use of J2EE front end for our module. But I was hoping to get some
pointers from you all, just in case somebody might have implemented
something similiar or might just have some inputs nevertheless.

We are in a time crunch here, as we have to make a decision by next Monday end.

Thanks in advance.



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