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From Justin Ruthenbeck <>
Subject Re: Limit time for Database connection
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 00:37:27 GMT

Robert's suggestion should work, depending on the particulars of your 
situation.  Additional comments...

If the problem is happening at connection creation time (ie 
initialization of the webapp), you're much better off.  In this case, the 
network timeout isn't usually such a critical issue since someone is 
presumably monitoring the restart.

If, however, your pooled connection is bombing out during normal runtime, 
you've got more of a problem.  This situation is generally handled by the 
pool -- depending on which pool impl you're using, there will likely be a 
refresh rate which is the rate at which connections are tested for 
validity by the pool (seems like most people are using DBCP with Tomcat: 
see "testOnBorrow" and "testWhileIdle" parameters combined with 
"maxWait").  If you're concerned about requests to your app taking a long 
time because connections are no longer valid, this should significantly 
help and/or solve the problem.

If that's still not enough and you feel you still need a shorter timeout, 
remember that there are tradeoffs to shortening the timeout (it's there 
for a reason, after all).  That's going to be highly dependent on your 
pool impl and/or your database driver, depending on what you're 
using.  Change your timeout settings there. Either way I'd advise only 
going as low at the DB driver and not messing with OS networking settings 
if possible.


At 05:11 PM 7/8/2004, you wrote:
>Nobody has responded to your question (that I've seen), so I'll "take a 
>This sounds like a network issue, and network connection failures have 
>to "time out"
>before they fail.  Using a timed separate thread to obtain the 
>connections for the pool
>occurs to me; if the connection thread doesn't return in a certain 
>amount of time the
>parent thread could throw an Exception.
>Has anybody tired something along these lines?  Is this suggestion way 
>off base?
>Bachler, Elisabeth (Elisabeth) wrote:
>>I defined a database connection that uses a pool connection. Everything 
>>working well.
>>Now I had a routing problem that prevented any database connection 
>>(with a
>>SQPNestedException fired). The exception fired after a long time.... is
>>there a way of setting the connection limit, so it does not take so long
>>before firing the exception?
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