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From Carl Olivier <>
Subject Getting a handle to a Container/Catalina/Embedded instance
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:46:42 GMT

Not sure this is possible, but here goes:

I want to be able to get a handle to the Catalina/Embedded instance in a
standard Tomcat standalone implementation.  I will deploy a webapp to the
server/webapps location and mount it to a host which runs in its own service
for security reasons etc.

Is this possible?

I want to be able to dynamicall add a host to the server instance, setting
it up in memory, adding the new instance to a specified Container/Engine
component, and then start it - thus not having to restart Tomcat completely
when a new host is added.

Am I looking in the correct places/going in the right direction here?  Or
can someone point me in a better direction?



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