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From Thilo Krawietz <>
Subject Re: jdbc and tomcat
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 08:24:38 GMT

the SQL error message does not look like if the driver itself could not 
be found, it appears more obvious to me, that the connection URL for the 
database is incorrect. Please check your database connection string, 
maybe the bug hides in there....:-)

To your xml problem: Did you also check, that all tags are correctly set 
with an start-<tag> and end-</tag>?
And remember that stand-alone tags always have to be closed with a final 
/ e.g. <stand-alone-tag/>...




> Hello,
> I have got a problem with my Servlet which uses a JDBC database 
> connection to a Ms SQL Server
> There is a  getConnection command that should be executed. But this 
> command fails and throws the exception with description: 
> [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC] Unable to connect. Invalid 
> URL. is thrown. I dont know, what went wrong. Why cant the driver be 
> found, although I have all driver jars in my classpath and also in the 
> lib folder in the WEB_INF folder of the corresponding 
> Addressbook-webapp in Tomcat?
> also I have another problem:
> Except of the SQL Errors there are other parsing errors , starting 
> with SEVERE... while tomcat is starting up, which I cannot identify. . 
> The message is:  The end-tag for element type "context-param" must end 
> with a '>' delimiter.
> First of all, all my tags of the  application ended in  '>' and 
> secondly  I removed the  Webapplication folder  for  the  specific  
> webapp  that  was  using  a web.xml with context-params and replaced 
> it with another webapp which has all its configuration parameters 
> hard-wired in the code.
> Also I removed the Context file of the former webapp from 
> conf\Catalina\localhost, but still it exists somewhere and causes errors.
> Then I tried to clean them up by making a new installation of Tomcat, 
> but I couldn't uninstall the old one.
> Maybe you have an idea. Help!
> thanx, Caroline
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