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From Christina Androne <>
Subject Re: Stopping takes ages
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:58:35 GMT
Viorel Dragomir wrote:

>Hi Christina,
>Regarding the Warp connector, if you don't need that servlets can be served from an apache
webserver you can disable it from server.xml Anyway you have to change that connector to jk2
(or at least jk)..
>Some infos are here
I need to understand something: if I use tomcat as the webserver then 
the only connectors I should have enabled would be the HTTP 1.1 ones. 
According to that doc, the "web server connectors" are useless for me 

>The access_log from $CATALINA_HOME/logs contains some informations regarding what information
is exchanged. You can use this if you know when a servlet finishes without any output to the
You mean that I can output to catalina.log for example something from my 
servlet? This is what I do, that;s why I do know that the servlet code 
does not hang. And checking those logs showed up the socket connection 
closed too.

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