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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: How can I display number of requests over the past n seconds?
Date Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:16:13 GMT
You could use a list of java.util.Dates with the oldest date at the beginning 
of the list and the newest at the end of the List. Push new Dates onto the 
list and pull (expired) dates from the front of the list accoring to your 

The number of hits per unit time is the size of each list.


tom ly wrote:

> I need to display on a .jsp page the number of requests for Tomcat in the past 5 / 10
/ 15/ 30 / 45 / 60 seconds.  I've already implement a Filter will count the total number of
requests.  I did this with a static int, which is incremented everytime a request comes in.
 But what should I do so that I can show number of request over past time intervals?  Since
the present time is always changing, "the past n seconds" is constantly changing also.  

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