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From Rodrigo Ruiz <>
Subject Re: Problem with proper shutdown of tomcat
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:29:01 GMT
Maybe you have some non-daemon threads running. This would prevent the 
JVM from exiting. I would do the following:

- Once the java process is "frozen", ask it a thread stack dump (I do 
not remember well, but I think in Linux you must send the process a QUIT 
- In the trace you should see all threads still alive. Check if any of 
them is yours. Such a thread could be the problem source.
- Sometimes converting the thread in a daemon is enough. Other times you 
need to ensure a clean stop, in which case you could implement it 
through a ServletContextListener.

Rodrigo Ruiz

dejw wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tomcat 4.1.30 installed on linux red hat 9 with java version 
> 1.4.1_03. Sometimes when I shutdown tomcat by using shutdown script it 
> remains java process in memory which I have to kill manually. Only 
> then I can start up tomcat again. What can be the reason of this? I'm 
> using GridSphere portal framework with gridportlets whithin the 
> tomcat, maybe some bad written portlets or servlets are able to freeze 
> java process of tomcat?
> Dawid Szejnfeld, PSNC
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